The Spiral Lab (formerly Divergent Design) is a newsletter by Marta Rose exploring art, design, disability, and anything else that spirals through my mind. This newsletter is affiliated with The Spiral Lab YouTube channel, where my friends Jesse Meadows, Gray, and I make related videos and interview interesting people.

The main premise of The Spiral Lab is that creativity, art, and design offer an alternative paradigm to the pathologizing medical model of disability. The Spiral Lab supports and celebrates all the disabled artists and designers who have been shamed for not being productive, efficient executives, who do our best work dreaming all the dreams and connecting all the dots in Spiral Time.

As an increasingly disabled person, I’m especially passionate about designing interior spaces for disabled people that reflect and support our humanity in all its fullness and peculiarity, but I have lots of thoughts about lots of things, and I try not to get too hung up on having a niche.

I’m also the founder of Divergent Design Studios, an online community for neurodivergent creatives which is in the process of becoming a member-owned and operated cooperative.

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Founder of Divergent Design Studios, helping neurodivergent people build consistently satisfying creative practices and design lives that really work.