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Hi, is this available as a podcast in any RSS/podcasting app?

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Hi Marta,

Could you please share your email address? We would love to collaborate with you x

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Ok I got the rss feed for now. It was not straightforward on my Android phone. I couldn't figure out how to do it thru the substance app since i didn't see three dots. So in case this helps anyone else this is how it did it/my work around:

- went to the email in Gmail

- clicked open "online" link at top left of email

- under the built in player I clicked "open in player"

- a pop up asked what player I want it in and I clicked the big button to "copy link"

- then I went to Google podcast app> activity> three dots in upper left corner > add by rss feed > pasted the link


And Thanks Jesse. Let us know when it's up on Google podcasts?

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It's not showing up on Google podcasts either. Can you share an rss link? Then I think I can add it that way

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