RE: Autistic Mystics. I totally agree. I think we're seeing so many people fall into neurodiverse categories now because our definition of "normal" has gotten so narrow. More and more, the only "normal" person is one who can succeed in a economy that intentionally pits people against each other. Everyone is supposed to be "at the top," and the math just doesn't work out. However, I think the DSM is just trying to keep up with our ever-changing understanding of neurodiversity.

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This was so fascinating! Re: mysticism -- I loved this piece about mystical texts and a fiction genre called 'New Weird.' https://www.e-flux.com/journal/92/205298/the-word-made-fresh-mystical-encounter-and-the-new-weird-divine/

The author, Elvia Wilk, also wrote a collection of essays called Death By Landscape which is a big ol' red thread and VERY satisfying to read. Definitely recommend.

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