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I'm the person who originally shared the two Corb (the bad one and the good one) in the sluggish discord! Also, that's the *generally accepted* way to shorten Le Corbusier's name, which I always do because I can't pronounce French words for the life of me.

Loved watching this — I'm an architect and also currently getting an MA in Disability Studies (despite the fact that I loathe school/academia, but I'm getting so much from this program that I'm sticking it out so far). My likely thesis topic is going to be about how neutral colors and stark spaces are the recommended design for autistic people but it's really so far from the truth for so many autistic people! "The myth of the bland autistic" as you said perfectly.

I have soooo many other thoughts I could add to this comment (I took a lot of notes while watching) but I don't have the energy to curate/articulate right now. Can't wait to see what's next. It's fun to be like "ahhh you're stealing words right out of my mouth!!!!" especially when it's ideas that not a lot (relatively) of people are saying.

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